Course Schedule

This is a tentative schedule of topics addressed. As we go through the semester, we will add homework dates and adjust topics slightly as needed.

Date Topic Slides/Notes Readings Homework
  Unit A      
Jan 20 Introduction ppt, pdf   A1Basic
Jan 25 Asymptotic Notation, Proofs ppt, pdf Ch 3, 4  
Jan 27 Recurrence Relations, Divide and Conquer ppt, pdf    
Feb 1 Recurrence Relations ppt, pdf    
Feb 5 Recurrence Relations, Closest pair of points ppt, pdf, math 33.4  
Feb 8 CPP, Matrix Multiplication, Quicksort, Partition, QuickSelect ppt, pdf Ch. 7, 9  
Feb 10 Medians of medians, Randomized QS, Lower Bounds Proofs (continue with previous slides)    
Feb 15 Other sorts and D&C problems pdf (Hott’s section), Horton’s ppt, pdf 8.1  
  Unit B      
Feb 17 Graphs: review, BFS, DFS ppt, pdf 22.1, 22.2  
Feb 22 Exam 1 on Unit A Topic List    
Feb 24 DFS, topological sort, strongly-connected components ppt, pdf 22.3-5  
Mar 1 Kruskal’s MST, Disjoint Sets, Find-Union ppt, pdf 23.0, 23.2  
Mar 3 Dijkstra’s shortest path ppt, pdf    
Mar 8 Spring Break      
Mar 10 Spring Break      
Mar 15 Retake Exam 1 (also recorded lecture on final Graphs topics)      
  Unit C      
Mar 17 Dynamic Programming: Intro, Log-cutting ppt, pdf 15.1-3  
Mar 22 DP: Matrix Mult., LCS ppt, pdf    
Mar 24 DP: LCS (cont’d), Seam Carving (continue with previous slides)    
Mar 29 Exam 2 on Unit B Topic List    
Mar 31 Dynamic Programming ppt, pdf    
Apr 5 Greedy Algorithms: coin changing, interval scheduling ppt, pdf 16  
Apr 7 Greedy Algorithms: Huffman encoding ppt, pdf    
Apr 12 Greedy Algorithms ppt, pdf    
  Unit D      
Apr 14 Network Flow ppt, pdf 26.1-2  
Apr 19 Exam 3 on Unit C Topic List    
Apr 21 Network Flow Hott’s ppt, pdf. Horton’s ppt, pdf. 26.3  
Apr 26 Reductions, Bipartite Matching Hott’s ppt. Horton’s ppt, pdf.    
Apr 28 NP Completeness Hott’s pdf. Horton’s ppt, pdf.    
May 3 NP Completeness, Course Wrap-up      
  Final Exam Period      
May 10 7-10 PM. Exam on Unit D, Re-takes for B & C Topic List for Unit D exam