Topics for Unit C Exam: CS4102 Algorithms - Spring 2022

Document Version: 1.0, 4/14/2022


The Unit C Exam is on lectures and readings from March 17 through April 12 (maybe a bit at the start of April 14). The following topic list is a guide, and we may update it before the exam in response to student questions. See the slides and recordings for more details and readings associated with these topics. A basic rule we’ll try to follow is this: if it’s in the readings, but we didn’t mention it in lecture, it will not be on the exam.

Basic homeworks 1 and 2 for this unit are designed to help prepare you for the exam.

How the Exams Will Be Given and Other Rules

The Exam will first be given on paper and in-class on April 19, 2022. You will have a chance to re-take the Exam (a updated version) during the final exam period if you are not satisfied with your grade.

The Exam will be closed-book, closed-notes, etc. Getting information from any electronic devices is not allowed while taking an exam. It is an honor violation to communicate information about the exam to anyone who might not have yet taken it. You will sign a pledge about these rules.

Topics that might be covered on the Unit C Exam include:

Topics that will not be covered on the exam include: