CS4102 - Algorithms

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Schedule and Slides

Week Date Module Topic Slides Recommended Deadline
1 Tue, Aug. 24 Intro to Course [pptx], [pdf]
Thu, Aug. 26 M1: Div. and Con. - Sorting Insertion Sort, Mergesort
(Readings: CLRS Ch. 2
[ppt], [pdf]
2 Tue, Aug. 31 Quicksort
(Readings: CLRS Ch. 7 thru p. 175)
[pptx], [pdf]
Thu, Sep. 2 M2: Div. and Con. - Recurrence Relations Solving Recurrences pt. 1
Readings: CLRS Ch. 4.3-4.5
[pptx], [pdf]
3 Tue, Sep. 7 Recurrence Relations pt. 2 Same as above M1: Sorting
Thu, Sep. 9 M3: Div. and Con. - Advanced Trominos and Closest Pair of Points
Readings: CLRS Ch. 33.4
pptx, pdf
4 Tue, Sep. 14 Matrix Multiply, Quickselect, Median of Medians
Readings: CLRS Ch. 4.2, Ch. 9
pptx, pdf M2: Recurrence Relations
Thu, Sep. 16 M4: Graphs - BFS and DFS BFS
Readings: CLRS 22.1-22.2
pptx, pdf
5 Tue, Sep. 21 QUIZ ATTEMPT 1 * Info and topics for Quizzes 1-3 * M3: Closest Pair of Points
Thu, Sep. 23 DFS, Topo-sort, SCC
Readings: CLRS 22.3-22.5
[pptx], pdf
6 Tue, Sep. 28 DFS, Topo-sort, SCC (cont’d) Same as above
Thu, Sep. 30 M5: Graphs - Kruskal’s and Find-Union Implementation of Find-Union D.S. pptx, pdf M4: BFS / DFS Written Problems
7 Tue, Oct. 5 M6: Graphs - Prim’s and Dijkstra’s Prim,Dijkstra,Indirect Heaps pptx, pdf
Thu, Oct. 7 QUIZ RETAKES (Mod 1-3) No Lecture M5: Wiring
8 Tue, Oct. 12 NO CLASS: FALL BREAK No Lecture
Thu, Oct. 14 Proving Prim’s and Dijkstra’s No Slides
9 Tue, Oct. 19 QUIZ ATTEMPT 1 (Mod 4-5)
M7: Greedy Algorithms
* Info and topics for Quizzes 4-5 *
Intro to Greedy and Coin Change
(Note: Lecture Recorded)
pptx, pdf M6: Written Graph Problems
Thu, Oct. 21 Knapsack Problem Same as above
10 Tue, Oct. 26 Activity Selection Same as above
Thu, Oct. 28 M8: Dynamic Programming Intro, Rod Cutting pptx, pdf
11 Tue, Nov. 2 Activity Selection, Knapsack Same as above M7: Nursery
Thu, Nov. 4 Coin Change, Sequences pptx
12 Tue, Nov. 9 M9: Network Flow and Ford-Fulkerson Network Flow, Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm [pptx]
Horton’s pptx, pdf
Thu, Nov. 11 QUIZ RETAKES (Mod 4-5) Max-Flow Same as above
13 Tue, Nov. 16 QUIZ ATTEMPT 1 (Mod 6-8) * Info and topics for Quizzes 6-8 *
Proof and Min Cut Theorem
(Note: Recorded Lecture)
pptx, pdf M8: Drainage
Thu, Nov. 18 M10: Bi-Partite Matching and Reductions Disjoint Paths, Intro to Reductions pptx, pdf
14 Tue, Nov. 23 Bipartite Matching, Max-Flow Variations Same as above M9: Network Flow Written
15 Tue, Nov. 30 NP-Complete (No quiz on this material) pptx, pdf
Thu, Dec. 2 QUIZ RETAKES (Mod 6-8) M10: Scheduling
16 Tue, Dec. 7 QUIZ ATTEMPT 1 (Mod 9-10) * Info and topics for Quizzes 9-10 *