Problem Set 4

A .tex file is provided with the questions where you’ll also enter your answers (see below), but here’s a PDF file with the questions if you want to see them before you set up the LaTeX project.

Set Up Your LaTeX Project

The instructions in this section assume you’re using Overleaf. As you did in PS0, you should create a separate Overleaf project for this PS. The easiest way to set up the repository is to upload the zip file posted with each exercise. To do this:

  1. Download the file
  2. In Overleaf, click on New Project and select Upload Project from the menu.
  3. Select the file you downloaded in step 1.

Editing The LaTeX Template

  1. Add your information to the top of the file:
    • yourid - replace mst3k with your computing id
    • collabs - Add your collaborators here
    • sources - Reference any sources you used when completing this assignment
  2. Then, try rebuilding the PDF by clicking Recompile. You should see a file that includes your name and collaborators.

Rules on Collaboration and Outside Sources

You must follow the rules about Collaboration and Outside Sources in the syllabus.

Early and Late Policy

See the syllabus’ section on this topic.

Use of Generative AI

For PS4, you are not allowed to use generative AI tools to help you solve these problems. (We may allow some of this later, but for the first problem set we want you to exercise your own mental skills.)

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