TA Office Hours

TA office hours will be done in-person Sunday through Wednesday from 5-8pm.

In-person office hours will be in these rooms:

  • Sundays: Rice 032
  • Monday and Tuesday: Olsson 001
  • Wednesday: Rice 340

When you arrive at office hours, please join the office hour queue. This queue will help us best organize the office hour experience.

Join the OH Queue

Joining the Office Hour Queue

When you need help during office hours, be online on in the room and then add yourself to the our office hour queue at this link.

Note that if other students have questions on the same topics you have, the TA may help you as part of a small group.

A Note on TA Availability

Our TAs are students too, with duties and work outside of their TAing. Please do not ask them to act as your TA except at the scheduled on-the-clock times they have listed as their office hours and lab time. They are also kind people; please don’t put them in the position of having to say no or (worse) being nice to you at the expense of their own schooling.

TA Office Hours Calendar

Some additional hours are available outside of these times, as displayed on the calendar below. Additional hours outside of the 5-8pm block may be in person or online, so please see the calendar entry for more details.

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