Program and Data Representation: Textbook

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Herein lies the beginnings of a textbook to accompany the course. The only part that is complete at this point is the chapter on IBCM: ibcm-chapter.pdf. The two chapters on x86 are NOT complete, and are not meant to be used at this time.

In addition to a standard LaTeX installation, the texlive-pstricks package will need to be installed in order to compile the book from the LaTeX source.

Due to the fact that it is currently used in the course, and that students may not have LaTeX installed, the ibcm-chapter.pdf file is directly committed to the repository.

Directory contents

Each chapter is named as foo.tex, with a foo/ direcotry to hold the images and source code for that chapter (all source code is kept external to the LaTeX files).

IBCM files

x86 (32 bit) files

x86 (64 bit) files

Common files