CS4102 - Algorithms: Homework Assignments

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How to Submit Assignments

We will be using Gradescope for this course. Check out the Gradescope Information Page for information on how to submit programming assignments to Gradescope.

That page also explains how the score reported by Gradescope translates to the two-level scale of Incomplete, and Pass that is used in this course.


Module Number Module Name Assignment
Module 1 Div. and Con.: Insertion sort, Mergesort, and Quicksort Sorting (grab the code here)
Module 2 Div. and Con.: Recurrence Relations Recurrence Relations
Module 3 Div. and Con.: Advanced Topics Trading
Module 4 Graphs: BFS and DFS Written Graph Problems
Module 5 Graphs: Kruskal’s and Find-Union Wiring
Module 6 Graphs: Prim’s and Dijkstra’s More Graphs!
Module 7 Greedy algorithms Daycare
Module 8 Dynamic Programming Drainage
Module 9 Network Flow and Ford-Fulkerson Flow Written
Module 10 Bi-Partite Matching and Reductions Scheduling

Other Useful Stuff