CS 2150 Teaching Assistants

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Samuel Ahn

Samuel Ahn Hey! I’m Samuel Ahn, and I’m a third year in the engineering school majoring in CS. I play cello as a hobby, play chess for fun, and my favorite drink is coffee!

Although I found it a bit hard at first, 2150 ended up being the most informative and fun CS class that I have taken so far, and I am happy to be a TA again this semester for its final iteration. I’ll do my best to do what my TAs did for me and make it easier to learn the contents of the class. I look forward to meeting you guys this semester!

Ayushi Ambhore

Ayushi Ambhore Hi guys! My name is Ayushi and I’m a third year CS major in the College. This is my second semester TAing 2150. When I took this course I probably attended OH more than 100 times, so I’m excited to help you all the same way other TA’s helped me! When I’m not in office hours, I’m either participating in WiCS & GWC here on grounds or reading conspiracy theories and visiting new coffee shops. Really looking forward to meeting you guys this semester :)

Tijana Djokic

Tijana Djokic Hi guys! My name is Tijana, but my friends call me Tiki, and this is my first semester as a TA for CS 2150! I am a third year BACS major from NOVA, and I’m ready to help you all in any way I can. At UVA, I am involved with Madison House Tutoring and Girls Hoo Code, and in my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, reading, and watching movies with friends. I can’t wait to see you all in person this semester, and good luck in 2150!!

Jamie McCampbell

Jamie McCampbell Hey guys! My name is Jaime McCampbell and I’m a third year majoring in CS in the E-School. This is my first semester as a TA but I am excited to help people through such a valuable class. Some fun things about me, I love hiking, I’m in the marching band, and I go hard at Minecraft. I look forward to meeting you all!

Spencer Portuese

Spencer Portuese What’s up everyone? I’m Spencer Portuese, I’m a second-year majoring in Computer Science and Archaeology, interested in some of the overlap there. This is my first semester TAing and am excited to meet all of you! I enjoy a hodgepodge of things, but am active in the Student Game Developers Club, UVA Survivor, the No Tones (bad) acapella group, lifting, and watching UVA sports. I really enjoyed this class and learned so much, and hope you will too!

Natasha Tchir

Natasha Tchir Hi! My name is Natasha Tchir and I am a 3rd year in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Computer Science and Economics with a minor in global sustainability. This is my second semester teaching this class and I’m super excited about it. In my free time, I love to go on runs and spend time with my friends watching whatever our new show obsession is that time. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Lucy Wang

Lucy Wang Hello! I’m Lucy, and I am a third year CS and statistics major from NOVA. 2150 has been my favorite class I have taken so far, and although it may be stressful and challenging at times, all of the work was very well worth the effort and I promise you will make it through and think the same :)

Outside of class, I enjoy playing volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and going on walks/runs. I love cafes/bakeries and I would (ideally) like to open my own bakery one day! My favorite pastries are donuts and cinnamon rolls so let me know if you have any (easy) recipes!

I am excited to work with you all this semester and feel free to reach out if you have any question!

Zach Yahn

Zach Yahn Hi everyone! I’m a third-year CS/CpE double major. I knew I wanted to TA CS 2150 the moment I was inspired by Binky’s Pointer Fun, and I guess I really like helping people too.

I play club water polo here for fun, so if you’re ever looking for a new activity to try let me know! My favorite movie is Inception, and my favorite jelly bean flavor is anything but buttered popcorn. I’m excited to work with you all and hope you have a great semester!