PDR: Slides: Slide Graph Diagrams

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The files in this directory use GraphViz to generate the images. To run GraphViz:

dot -Tsvg filename.dot -o outname.svg

The three Red-black tree insertion case images need the -Kneato flag for proper layout. You can also just run make in the slides/graphs/ directory to convert all of the .dot files in this repository to .svg files. This also creates .png and .ps versions of the graphs, which can be removed via make clean. A fairly recent version of GraphViz is needed for ‘rarrow’ shape.

Both the original .dot files, as well as the .svg files (which are what are used in the slides) are include in this repository.

Some of these images (the expression trees and the red-black insertion cases) were added the the appropriate Wikiedpia pages as well.