CS4102 - Algorithms Course Logistics

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The syllabus for the course can be found here. Most (but not all) of that information is summarized here.


Lectures will be held in-person in the classroom listed on the University Registrar. Lectures will be recorded for the convenience of those who cannot intend or prefer not to for any reason. At the time of writing, UVa has a mask mandate in effect, so all attendees in lecture will be required to wear a mask when on grounds.

Covid-19 Policies and FAQ

Everyone please read this page on policies and information about how Covid-19 will affect our course.


You will really need to read and study material other than the slides. There are many choices where you can get more details about our topics, but a textbook is the easiest option. We’ll post readings from the following textbook, and we urge you to read them or get that info from another source.

Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, et. al., 3rd edition. Referred to as “CLRS”. UVA Library has a digital version of CLRS available online for free


The course is divided into 10 modules, each which lasts for about 1 week (some for 2 weeks). The 10 modules are listed below:

The course contains exactly 10 quizzes (one per module). Each quiz can be taken multiple times, and each quiz can be in one of 3 states:

You will always earn your highest mark on any quiz across all attempts. So, there is never any reason not to attempt a quiz if you are unsatisfied with your grade (your grade can never decrease).

Final Exam

There is no traditional final exam in this course. During the final exam time, you will be given one last attempt at all 10 of the course quizzes. This is your last chance to pass any quizzes that are still outstanding. If you have passed all topics (or are already happy with your final grade), then you may choose not to take the final.


There is one homework assignment per module, that must be completed in order to pass that module (more on passing modules in a moment). The homeworks in this course were designed with the following goals / principles in mind:

For these reasons the homework in this course is required, with recommended deadlines (with automatic extensions), and can be submitted as many times as required. The grading state for each assignment is one of the following:

Passing a Module

As stated earlier, the course contains 10 modules. Each module, at any time, is always in one of the following states:

Final Letter Grades

Your letter grade in this course corresponds to the number MODULES you have passed (Note this is MODULES passed, not homeworks or quizzes. To pass a module, you must pass BOTH the homework AND the quiz in that module). Please note the following things when reading this grading chart:

Letter Grade Modules Passed Modules High-Pass
F - -
D- - -
D 6 0
D+ - 1
C- 7 0
C - 2
C+ 8 0
B- - 4
B 9 0
B+ - 6
A- - 7
A - 9
A+ 10 9